Friday, December 5, 2014

Quest for a Clean Drink Article

Here is the link to the the Quest for a clean Drink Article.  Please read the article and answer the questions electronically or on paper.

Article Questions:

1. Why did the people of India and Bangladesh change from surface
water to water from tube wells?
2. What is the source of arsenic found in water from tube wells?
3. How do certain types of soil bacteria (anaerobic) increase the amount
of arsenic in water from tube wells?
4. What are some of the detrimental health effects from ingesting too
much arsenic in water?
5. What is the chemical function of manganese that is used in the
Hussam arsenic filter bucket?
6. What is the chemical function of iron(III) hydroxide in the Hussam
filter bucket?
7. How does the SenGupta water filter work?
8. What are the three chemical steps used in the Procter & Gamble

(Souter) device to clean water?

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